Our Team
At Create Fitness 24/7, we are lucky to have such professional and passionate Personal Trainers. If you are looking for that gentle guidance to get you started confidently on your fitness path, or you need a bit of a push to get you to your best, the team will have you hitting goals you didn't think were possible. 

"Ariana and the team are an absolute asset to your gym!"

"It is nice to see there are people who genuinely care about you, and helping you achieve your goals"

Create Fitness 24/7 | Personal Trainer
Ariana Grant - Club Manager & Personal Trainer

Ariana is our fantastic Club Manager who also does Personal Training in her spare time! She specialises in Fat loss, Strength & Conditioning and Boxing.
Create Fitness 24/7 | Personal Trainer
Nicole Lambert - Club Manager
We are lucky enough to have 2 Club Managers at Create Fitness! Nicole is a friendly face who loves supporting our members with their goals. She is studying at Uni in a degree on Dietetics. 

Create Fitness 24/7 | Personal Trainer
Mike Eketone - Personal Trainer
Mike has a huge passion for sport and fitness. He has played sport since he could remember and has played representative basketball and rugby.
He specialises in ;

- Strength and Conditioning
- Weight Loss through HIIT and Free Weights
- Sport Specific Training.

Mike believes everyone has the potential to do whatever they put their minds to and his desire is to bring out the best in all those who are ready to make a change for the better.

Create Fitness 24/7 | Personal Trainer
Kapa Heremaia-Campbell
Kapa can add a smile to any workout! His intention is to bring back the basics with the perfect balance of mindset, nutrition and training. He Specialiises in;

- Function Training
- Flexibility & Mobility
- Strength & Conditioning
- Metabolic Conditioning
- 1 on 1 Boxing

His philosophy to training and life is overcoming the obstacles you thought you couldn’t.